Urgent Helicopter delivery!

Urgent Helicopter delivery!!

A care-Centre in Hazyview was burgled and their food and medical supplies was stolen, leaving the residence in severe distress and vulnerable.

No food or medical supplies including masks and hand sanitizers was left for the residence, after the burglars ransacked the care-Centre at night.

We received a urgent call from Soli-Deo-Gloria Care Centre in Hazyview for assistance, and without any hesitation The COVID Flight offered to help and fly medical supplies out to Hazyview for us.

Charles Fuller and Janus Erasmus landed their helicopter at our offices in White River to collect medical supplies to be delivered and together with the medical supplies we delivered a total of 750 kg of food to them, to feed the now hungry residence at the care-Centre.

The folks from The Covid flight are volunteers flying urgent medicines and supplies to people in desperate need, using their own helicopters and fuel! Absolutely awesome initiative and people!!

Today is only Tuesday and for this week so far, we have received 62 new requests for help and assistance from people without food and or medicines and of people that need to see Doctors…

We can not sustain assisting persons in distress at this very high rate, as the lock down has put thousands of people under financial stress, without the assistance of the public and companies and we ask for help for 30 tons of food and some toiletries.

Any food and monetary donations are very, very welcome.

Stay safe by staying indoors folks.

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