We are going big this festive season!

We are going big this festive season as we received a very generous R427 000-00 food grant from IDC (Industrial Development Corporation) that goes towards the Covid-19 Relief project to assist people in food distress during the festive season and beyond.

WeEach of the 100 families that received their food parcels at Brondal today received a total of 40kg of food each to last each family to January 2021.

100 delivered, 400 to go!

Each family received 2 x 12kg food parcels, one with dry food and the other with goodies such as sanitary pads, mosquito repellent, vitamins, toilet paper, tooth paste, coffee, tea etc. On top of that each person received a 12.5 kg bag of maize meal and 3 large cabbages and vegetables.

We were joined by a number of representatives of IDC in Brondal and they impressed us with their work ethic, as they immediately became part of our Pediatric care Africa team and helped with admin and security checks as that is of critical importance to prevent any form of cheating.

As we handed out our last food parcel and snapped our last photograph a very welcome thunderstorm made sure we are all nice and wet.

Thank you Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) for your absolutely awesome and very welcome food grant, but also for your physical assistance today and by helping to make our first food distribution a great success.

We will ensure that every grain of food is accounted for and that every eligible person receive his/her food parcels on time, every time.



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