World record attempt in White River!!

World record attempt in White River!!

A World record attempt in White river Mpumalanga, at the White River Crossing shopping centre on Saturday the 24th April 2021.

Chris Batts of Radio Hi 5 Stereo, a very well-known radio personality and the holder of no less than 30 world records, is going to attempt a new world record on Saturday the 24th April starting at 09h00 for the benefit of Pediatric care Africa.

The entire event is a charity fundraising event for the benefit of Pediatric care Africa and Chris Batts who is turning 63 soon, will attempt to flip a heavy Bulldozer tyre weighing 85 kilograms an astronomical 1000 times in under 3 hours and all this will be done barefoot.

A barefoot tyre flip has never been attempted before, due to the severe lack of grip of the bare feet on the ground.

Flipping a 85 kg Bulldozer tyre 1000 times barefoot in under 3 hours has never been done successfully anywhere in the world before, and Chris is going to attempt this very daunting world record, to raise funds for Pediatric care Africa a local Medical Non-profit organization, that provide medical treatment to sick children, arrange surgeries for children and feed a large number of children and their parents in our Community.

1000 flips of an 85kg Bulldozer tyre in under 3 hours and barefoot for a new world record attempt.

Do you think Chris who is a “young” 62 years old, will break this world record? We need and challenge Companies to sponsor Chris for R5000-00 and private individuals to sponsor Chris for R1000-00  if he breaks this world record, and if he fails to break the world record on Saturday the 14th, you donate only a tenth of the sponsored amount to Pediatric care Africa which is then only R500-00 for Companies and only R100-00 for individuals.

Pledges can also be made on the day and card facilities will be available on the day at the event.

All Pledges will be acknowledged on Facebook and all paid pledges qualify for a 18A tax certificate that will be issued by Pediatric care Africa for the amount sponsored if required.

Please WhatsApp your pledge to Surika at our office at 076 229 5663.

“Chris” needs you to come and cheer him on, on Saturday morning as without a mass of support, there is no ways he can break this “Unbreakable” world record, that many have tried before and all have failed to complete. Remember a barefoot attempt has never been done before anywhere in the world, so this will be not only a world record attempt for the number of flips within 3 hours, but the very first barefoot world record attempt.

Bring your own chair if you want, and there are public toilets and many shops to get yourself a coffee or a snack while watching this unbelievable world record attempt.

This event will take place at the lower parking area opposite Mugg & Bean and next to Yoons eatery of the Crossing Shopping Centre White river and cars are to be parked on the top parking.

We wish Chris the very best of luck and hope that it will be a nice cool day on the 24th, so the tar stays cool for his shoeless feet.


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