30 days to departure!

30 days to departure

Our City to City motorbike ride travels a approximate distance of +1010km to collect money for medical treatment and surgeries is only 30 days away. I am Andre Hattingh, the founder of Pediatric Care Africa, and I am appealing to you to please sponsor me for this motorbike ride.

The only way we collect funds by riding for children’s surgeries, is by members of the public and Companies sponsoring me. You can sponsor me personally for R1 per km, R2 per km, R5 per km travelled or a once of donation of your choosing.

We have a number of children waiting for surgeries and they depend on us and look to us for assistance.

We hope to arrange a minimum of 100 surgeries and 400 Doctors visits for medical treatment for children in rest of 2020 and 2021 with an average cost of R ‪59 000-00 per surgery, totalling R5.9 million (Five million nine hundred thousand rand) for basic surgeries alone, excluding any auxiliary costs such as hospital stay, scans, medicines, physio etc.

“Olaf” our Mascot is packed and ready to go……

Help us by sponsoring me please.

Visit www.pediatriccareafrica.org for full details and sponsorship documents.



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