A lovely 8 year old girl!

This 8 year old little girl was born with Spina bifida and club feet and we were asked to assist her with surgery, medical treatment and a wheelchair as she is not able to walk by herself. Immediately after we in turn asked for assistance with a wheelchair for her, Helen from Steelwings Lowveld contacted us, offering her and Steelwings assistance with a brand new size 12 wheelchair for our little girl. The smile on this young girls face said it all when she received her brand new set of wheels from Steelwings lowveld today. Her Mom was very grateful as she used to carry our little girl on her back, and that is no longer necessary. As with any girl her weight is top secret, but she was getting much to heavy for her Mom to carry. The next step in our plan is for her to be seen by a specialist Orthopaedic surgeon in Nelspruit and has already been seen by Dr Reyneke for a complete check up and Neil Taljaard a well know Orthotist & Prosthetist at Kiaat private Hospital and JT a physiotherapist at Halbisch Physiotherapists in White river. Every child deserves the absolute best quality of life and we at Pediatric care Africa is fully committed to assist this friendly young lady on the long road ahead of her.



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