30 ecstatic kids return from camp!!!

30 ecstatic kids return from camp!!!
The 30 kids that joined Camp Quality at Uplands College in White River this year, had 4 fantastic action filled days full of adventure, firsts and fun.
Camp Quality is a project of the Rotary Club of White River and has been offered and run by the Rotarians for 31 years, and this was the first Camp after Covid.
The kids attending Camp Quality flew in small planes, rode on motorbikes, walked with Elephants and learned all about snakes to name a few activities. On their last evening at Uplands we were entertained with a music show organized by the kids and a dinner.
Watching 2 deaf children playing drums perfectly, was one of my favourite acts of the evening.
On child was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and was rushed to Hospital for treatment, and is doing very well.
We are very honoured to have played a small part in giving 30 children a reason to smile….
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