Doctors and hope!

Doctors and hope!
Dr. Carine Smit, a well-known Paediatrician at Mediclinic in Nelspruit assisted us with 4 children that required her expertise. The kids are from a very rural area and was only attended to by a “traditional Doctor” according to their care givers.
All 4 children ranging from ages 8 to 11 years of age, suffers from life altering diseases and disabilities and we are very glad to have been able to take them to see Dr Carine Smit for a professional examination, diagnosis and treatment plan.
We are very proud and grateful that South Africa still have world class Doctors available and willing to assist our children.
Values of a good doctor according to us:
A good doctor is one who is attentive, analytical, brave, calm, cooperative, creative, decisive, energetic, ethical, friendly, gracious, humorous, investigative, knowledgeable, mature, nurturing, observant, passionate, responsible, reassuring, selfless, skillful, trustworthy, vigilant, and wise.
Our Doctors are all of the above and much more.
Thank you Doctors for what you do.
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