Day 21

Day 21

Tamar from White River donated 150 very well made cloth masks to us she made herself, Pick and Pay in White River filled 2 trollies of food for us destined to be send to Lydenburg in the morning. A donor who wants to stay anonymous donated 300 kg of chicken to us, Baboo fresh produce filled our boot with fresh veggies and the Anglican church in White River donated non-perishable food to us…..

All I can really say is thank you all very very much for your awesome generosity….

We will honour your gifts by making sure nothing is wasted and that every grain of rice gets to whom it was intended.

You are the true hero’s in this Covid-19 drama…..

Today The COVID Flight, is flying medical supplies by helicopter to persons in need in Lydenburg and this is their second mercy flight for us this week, followed by us delivering 1000 kg of food and goods to the 100+ residence of a Care centre in Lydenburg that relies on us for assistance in this time of lockdown.

“ No one has ever become poor by giving” Anne Frank.

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