100 people have food for 14 days!!

100 people have food for 14 days!

Very misty weather after excellent rains and the low clouds threaten to delay The COVID Flight helicopter departure to Lydenburg for the second day…

A break in the weather and the helicopter is cleared for take-off and suddenly it was a mad rush for us all to Lydenburg’s Soli-Deo-Gloria Care centre where the +100 persons in lock down in the Care Centre is awaiting our overdue arrival carrying medical supplies such as sanitizers, gloves and masks and just a dash under 1000 kg of very needed foodstuffs.

The Care Centre ran out of meat and a beautiful baby girl with special milk requirements had none left, so we had to make Lydenburg.

Thanks to the Covid flight initiative of volunteer pilots flying their own helicopters at their own cost and our trusty Land Cruiser not one of the over 100 residents at the Care Centre will go to bed hungry for a couple of weeks.

A gentleman living at the Care Centre that requires urgent maxilla facial surgery was also looked at, and if needed we will fly him to wherever he can have his surgery done thanks to a very kind offer of the Covid flight’s pilots. Janus, Charles and Johan thank you very, very much for your offer to fly him to a hospital on short notice if needed.

Thank you Pick and Pay WR for the trollies of food and 64 Coolmore restaurant for all the avos, Heidel eggs for your generous egg donation then off course are the awesome persons who donated the very welcome toilet paper, naartjies, veggies and bananas etc whose names I wrote down, but can’t find the piece of paper I scribbled it on and now can’t thank by name…Sorry folks but thank you so much.

Charles and Janus, what you have done and are doing flying medical supplies to people in need, makes you true Pediatric care Africa Heroes.

Thank you all.

“Covidiot: Definition – A person that does not isolate during a pandemic.”


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