Tiny and only a few days old!!

Tiny and only a few days old!!

A few days old and only weighing 1.8 kg this tiny little boy needed urgent assistance from us.

We got the request for help in the evening and first thing in the morning we obtained preNan preterm infant formula, the smallest nappies we could find, bottles, dummy and all things little boys need to thrive, for him and handed it to his “House Mother” who is lovingly taking care of him.

He is in very good care now and we are very happy that our little boy will be well taken care of from now on.

We spend the day delivering food to individual persons and families, who simply don’t have food in their houses anymore and we will continue to assist persons in distress wherever and whenever we can.

This week, we drove 1867km by road delivering medicines and food parcels to persons in need from Waterfall Boven to Malelane to Hazyview to Lydenburg to name a few towns.

Thanks a lot to GB2C for a very timely and much needed Mealie meal donation received today. Giving Back 2 our Community (GB2C),was spearheaded by Crossing Centre Nelspruit during the centre’s 16th Birthday late last year.  Several local businesses form part of GB2C including Buco Nelspruit, Caltex/Omar Family, Mica Nelspruit, SuperSpar Crossing, Visagie Group amongst others who made a fantastic donation of 1250 kg maize meal in the form of 100 bags of 12.5kg each today!

The maize meal will be handed out to people in our community that is in desperate need of something to eat, as their money and food run out leaving them totally without recourse.

We appreciate your gift and generosity, and I will personally make sure that not a gram will go to waste…

Thank you very much GB2C we salute you.

Anne Frank said “ No one has ever become poor by giving”.



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