500 cabbages!!

500 cabbages!!!

The Acorn Foundation NPC Reg 2011/128055/08  PBO 930048253 donated no less than 500 big and beautiful farm fresh cabbages to us. Thank you very much Sue Smit and Alicia Whitting!

We went to the farm of Tania and her husband in the Schoeman Kloof area to collect the cabbage and got straight to work delivering it. It was a pleasure meeting Tania and her staff who made short work of loading 500 freshly cut big cabbages. Such friendly nice people.

We started our delivery in Katoen and from there we travelled to Brondal informal settlement were we delivered 200 cabbages to the residents there and moved on to Haasbroek to deliver their cabbage and early morning we will complete our delivery by delivering the rest to the Magalela squatter camp.

What a welcome donation this was and the smiles on the faces of the people receiving them tells its own story.

Sue and Alicia you are our heroes and off that there is no doubt.

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