International Children’s day!

International Children’s day!

Today is International Children’s day, and I want to introduce you to just one of the hundreds if not thousands of children we have been assisting during this year and specifically Covid lockdown.

This little 4 month old girl was born during the hight of Covid lockdown and she is very aptly named and christened ”Covid”.

Little Covid lives with her unemployed Mom in a makeshift shack in a squatter camp. Her father has disappeared months before birth and we found the Mom in distress and without food, during one of our food drops to the children of the squatter camp, as at the time children was not permitted to go to school and did not receive a meal at school and many children had zero access to food at home.

Fearing the unborn child and Mother is in danger of starvation, we ensured that the Mother received highly nutritious food and supplements such as e’Pap, Amway Nutrilite, Folic acid etc during the rest of her pregnancy and “Covid” was born healthy albeit a little underweight.

Due to a stable food supply the Mother and little “Covid” is both healthy and thriving and we will continue to ensure that this little girl get all the nutrition and medical treatment required.

This little girl is alive, healthy and flourishing only because of our donors making it possible for us to help her and her Mom. Thank you very, very much on behalf of all the children we could help because of you….!

“Children should not be allowed to starve and go hungry no matter who they are”.


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