Children’s day at Crossing Shopping Centre Nelspruit!

Children’s day at Crossing Shopping Centre Nelspruit!

Farther Christmas dusted of his boots, combed his beard and reported for duty at Crossing Nelspruit shoppingcentre as we held our “Build a Sweetie pack” collection day, whereby we ask shoppers at the Crossing Superspar Nelspruit to fill a bag of sweeties of their choice, for the child whose name and age is on the packet and drop it in our donation box.

These fantastic sweetie packs will be distributed together with Christmas presents, to the children who’s names are on the packets on the 16th December in White River when the Pumas rugby team mascot and some Puma rugby players will join Father Christmas to hand out these packets of sweets we collected and presents to all the well behaved children.

The children in Lydenburg will receive their presents and sweetie packs later in December according to our Father Christmas “informant” who claims to know Father Christmas personally.

Thanks to the generosity of the People of Nelspruit we managed to collect a sweetie pack for every single child on our Christmas list….!

To all the very generous people shopping at Crossing SuperSpar Nelspruit, we wish to thank you very much for your generosity and spirit of giving, as children’s dreams will come true thanks to you.

Thank you shoppingcentre Crossing Nelspruit for all you have done for us.

You are awesome people!

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