6867km completed!

6867km completed!

On our arrival back at the Spur in the Crossings shopping centre in White River our odometers was verified and my odometer read 7117km and TJ’s odometer read 6618km that gives us the average distance we travelled and completed on our very first “Ride for a Child” charity ride around South Africa at a verified 6867km.

The welcome home we received was amazing and we were met by a number of motorbikes in Badplaas and along the road who rode with us the last part of our route all the way to Spur and the finishing line. Our journey of 6867km was complete and what a finishing it was!!! Thank you Crossing Centre in White river for your support and looking out for us.

Epic is my choice word to describe our 20 day trip around South Africa, visiting the most Northern point (Beit bridge border post), the most Western point (Alexander bay) the most Southern point (Cape Agulhas) and the most Eastern point that we could reach with my Harley Davidson, St Lucia.

By traveling all around the extremes of the Republic of South Africa we encircled South Africa to show support and to speak for all our South African children that lack medical care, surgeries and who go to sleep hungry at night.

We rode with a strong purpose and our purpose was to collect funds for children’s surgeries and medical treatment as no innocent child must ever endure pain or suffer due to the lack medical treatment simply because his/her parents are poor or no appropriate medical treatment is available to them. As part of our 1000 surgeries for 1000 children programme, we literally aim to arrange 1000 surgeries for 1000 children.

I must admit, that I became rather despondent and worn down as of late with all the continuous negative news in South Africa, the crime, the job losses, Eskom, corruption and probably the worst for me personally, the dozens of people at food fundraisings asking me over and over if their money or food is going to “other races” and so on…..It really started to get to me and my beautiful wife.

Then we drove around South Africa on our motor bikes to raise funds for our sick children and I met the most incredible people everywhere! In every town and City we went, we were met and supported by the most awesome South Africans who never hesitated to give us their time, donate money, food, accommodation, support and encouragement even though I have never met a single one of them before.

Radio stations and news papers supported us every step of the way and I have no way to thank Radio Laeveld, Radio Jacaranda and the Laevelder for your generosity and your support throughout. What a privilege and honour for us to be supported by you.

People, closed their businesses and left their work to meet us along the roads of South Africa, they supported us and rode with us in rain, shine or wind. They fed us and took a interest in what we do and in us and our families…..

I realised on day one of our trip that the people of South Africa are simply the best, and that all the things that was wearing me down and was negatively impacting me was small and frivolous, compared to the spirit and generosity of the magnificent people of this land who I am so proud to be a part off….

Thank you all for making it possible for us to continue helping children that cannot help themselves.

You are truly heroes to all the children and all of us at Pediatric care Africa.

Thank you to my very special wife Joyce, to Surika, who is absolutely the best, TJ and Jan who rode every meter with me and the people of this beautiful Country for your support.

I salute you and are very grateful to you.

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