A festive season without a daily meal is not so festive….. !!!

A festive season without a daily meal is not so festive….. !!!

With all the schools closing for the festive season, hundreds of children in our community will not receive their daily meal at school, meaning many will go hungry during the Christmas season, with hunger a constant companion. We received a donation of 3000kgs of instant maize porridge from Nelspruit Crossing Centre to help us feed children during the festive season.

This delicious porridge only requires hot water to be added to it as it already contains milk, sugar and salt, and will be the saviour of many a child.

Families will receive food parcels besides their 10kg porridge consisting of vegetables, tinned food, rice, tooth brushes, coffee, baby milk, baby porridge etc and EVERY child will receive a Christmas present. Children in Hospital, and living in care centres will receive a visit from Father Christmas on the 24th. Even the naughty ones….!

During this Christmas season, no one will go to sleep hungry!

We wish to thank Crossing Nelspruit Centre the centre that is the #myheartbeat of Nelspruit, that continues to supports Pediatric Care Africa and the on-going nutritional and healthcare outreaches done by Dr Andre Hattingh, the Pediatric Care Africa Team and the many medical professionals and volunteers involved.

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to bring up a child” and Crossing Centre’s commitment to the Lowveld community – and Pediatric Care Africa – is testament to this.

If you cannot feed a hundred children, then feed only one….!

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