A “Thank You” from very happy parents!!

A “Thank You” from very happy parents!!
“We as a family wish to give from the bottom of our grateful hearts a small walk through about our most amazing blessed journey with our son and Dr Hattingh and his team, Joyce and Surika, at Pediatric Care Africa, without whose generous assistance and kindness our son would surely have had severe complications health wise.
Fast forward three doctor’s appointments later our son was seen and thoroughly examined by a Pediatrician and a ENT specialist – all organised by Pediatric Care Africa.
Through amazing help from PediatricCare Africa, our son was successfully operated on 18 May 2023 with tonsils and adenoids removed, and grommets fitted.
The care and kindness with which our son has been cared for is unknown. We cannot express how grateful we are for your time and kindness with our son.
Dr Hattingh, Joyce and Surika from Pediatric Care Africa we are humbled and will never forget how you uplifted our son through medical care not in our budget!!”
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