A week full of disasters big and small!

Week full of disasters big and small!!

A hectic week with huge demand for medical assistance where we had to take care of a number of children requiring medical attention, and thanks to FoodForward SA the kitchen stores at Soli-Deo-Gloria Care Centre Lydenburg is full of food and they are especially grateful for the special treats such as biscuits, coffee, cremora, Sanitary pads and a large delivery of 45kg margarine are all things that we rarely have to give to the people that require food assistance from us.

125kg of chicken and 45 dozen eggs will keep the folks at Soli deo Gloria well stocked with protein.

As the weekend approach we are getting ready to leave on an emergency relief and fact finding mission to Hertzogville and surrounding areas in the Free state on Monday, after the disastrous veldfires which caused +-130 000 hectares to go up in flames, destroying 130+ farms in its path and is reportingly still burning in some areas. We will take emergency response food of 3 tons with us and is planning to return 3 times at later intervals, as apparently especially the game farmers who couldn’t move their animals will have to spend huge amounts of money on food for their animals as all the grass and brush are destroyed, and due to this unexpected event may not be able to look after themselves, their family and staff due to the extreme cost of purchasing feed for their animals.

We consider this fire a disaster, and we will be there to help the farmers in whatever way we can….

Together we can do much more..!!


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