Medication for Free State farmers!

Medication for Free State farmers!

After fighting fires on their farms and trying to save their homes, animals and livelihood for days on end the farmers in Hertzogville, Hoopstad and Boshoff will certainly need some OTC medications for their burning eyes, throats, sinuses and so on that will be badly affected by being in smoke and soot for days on end, and as part of our relief effort to them we are delivering medication to them to help sooth their discomfort.

We cannot possibly imagine the stress and strain these effected farmers are under having to watch their farms and livelihood go up in smoke and being powerless to stop its destruction.  +-130 000ha burned down effecting over 100 commercial farmers who had to watch over 1800 head of livestock burn to death…..

This absolutely fantastic OTC Medication donation was given to us specially for the Free State farmers by Dr Attie van Wyk and his wife Walda of Busamed and Pieter and Marisca of The Local Choice Pharmacy Village. You are true heroes, thank you very much.

People like Dr Attie and Pieter together with their wives, make it possible for us to make a small difference in the life’s of these farmers and their families when they need it most.

We salute these brave farmers and we will do our little bit to make their lives a bit easier, so they can concentrate on getting back on their feet and buy feed for their remaining animals.

The 3 tons of food and medicine we are taking through to the Free State on Monday is our small way of showing these farmers that they are not alone or forgotten.

Pediatric care Africa will and without exception respond to any disaster we are asked to assist with, regardless of the type and cause of the disaster.

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