Absolutey awesome

Absolutely awesome!

If you can remember we were asked on the 17th June 2020 to assist this very friendly boy with his naughty sparkly eyes who suffers from Spastic Diplegia (CP).

He was not able to stand up and could only walk on his knees as his legs could not straighten due to Spastic Diplegia, and thanks to the help of so many people such as Suzanne his OT, JT of Halbisch Physiotherapists, Kylah Beukes at The Meyer Beukes warriors on wheels Foundation from whom he received a brand new wheelchair, Neil Taljaard from Kiaat Private Hospital and especially the absolutely amazing people of Pro Gratia Learning Centre who tirelessly worked with this young boy week in and week out to get his legs to straighten out and today this young man stood upright on his own two feet!!

Absolutely in awe of the dedication of the people that got our boy so far in such a short period of time, Thank you very, very much…!

He still has a little way to go, but with his spirit and the dedication of the team around him, it is a question of time before he can kick a ball.

You folks are true heroes to us, and to our little boy.

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