Still packing and going strong!

Still packing and going strong!

Getting ready for this week’s food delivery to people in food distress. By the end of this month we will surpass          80 000kg of food we delivered during lockdown.

Every food parcel going out contains 3 packs of e’Pap we received from the Rotary Club of White River, and families all over Mpumalanga will receive this highly nutritional and delicious tasting porridge over the next few days.

Kids love it and Grannies rave about e’Pap. We did our first bulk delivery to the friendly folks at Katoen in White river.

I guess I better stop writing and get to delivering otherwise we won’t finish today’s deliveries and I still have to pick up the chicken as every family also receive 1.5kg of Mikon Farming chicken and freshly picked cabbage from Origin farms.

Together we will get through this Pandemic.


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