An update from Dr Andre Hattingh, Saturday 23 March 2019

First surgery today: I assisted a local Ortho surgeon to repair a fractured pelvis of a 19 year old female. Surgery was successful and I was impressed with the Ortho’s surgeon’s skill.

Furthermore I performed an Anterior Cervical Discectomy on an adult male to relieve severe chronic arm pain caused by pinced nerves.  Saturday afternoon I will assist the Ortho surgeon with an open reduction of a femur fracture on a 17 year old child.  I will be travelling back to South Africa on Sunday 24th of March 2019. Back in South Africa my purpose is to collect 30 tons of food, especially rice and maize meal, bottled water, baby milk and canned foods.  In addition to this we have to raise funds to purchase medicines in Mozambique.

Most emergency rescue relief teams are stationed in Beira with only Pediatric Care Africa on this side of the washed away bridge entering Beira. According to sattelite and aerial footage, road destruction is evident in four places between Inchope and Beira. An area stretching 80km long and 100km wide is unreachable. Hundreds of thousands of people live in these village areas. These people are shut out from current relief rescue teams due their location.  They are in desperate need of food, clean water and medical care.

Once the road between Inchope and Beira has been restored,  I will return to help the surrounding  communities. It is projected that these roads will be usable within approximately 2 weeks time. As soon as we have collected 30 tons of food, water and enough funds for medicines,  I will depart from South Africa to bring relief aid to the above mentioned communities. We urgently appeal to the public and businesses in support of Pediatric Care Africa’s relief aid efforts. Please visit our website to make your donation today.

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