Latest update from Dr Andre Hattingh 22 March 2019

Hi all,
I received temporary permission from the Medical Council in Mozambique to practice medicine in Mozambique. I am currently in the Hospital Provincial De Chimoio!

I performed a few surgeries today.

1.Emergency C-section on a 37wk prima gravida. Severe Preeclampsia. Unfortunately the baby did not survive.
2.Severe penetrating injury of the liver by a wood splinter. It required bleeding control of portal and hepatic veins. A cholecystectomy was required.
3.Surgical debridement of 3rd degree burns of both legs and groin 37% burn percentage.
4.Appendectomy on 15 year old child.

I will perform a few surgeries on Saturday and will see the patients tonight.

Will keep you up to date…

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