7 year old Charlene suffers from Cerebral Palsy and this beautiful little girl needs our help. We met Charlene accompanied by her Mom and Grandma who takes awesome care of her, but love and care is not all that Charlene needs to thrive.

A very loved little girl if ever I have seen one, we at Pediatric care Africa is going to do whatever we can to make their lives a bit easier. Her Mommy does not have a medical aid and taking care of Charlene’s medical and dietary needs is hugely expensive as special little girls have very many special needs.

We are starting our journey together by having Charlene checked out from head to toe by a Specialist Paediatrician first and then a dietitian that will look closely at her dietary requirements.

Charlene requires extensive and regular physiotherapy and Occupational therapy for her physical development combined with regular medical check ups to monitor her health in general.

This young lady have a very special diet as all special young ladies do, and currently uses big 5 tins of Vanilla flavour Pediasure per month and off course what goes in must come out, so she goes through quite a few no 5 Nappies per day.

We are inspired by Charlene’s formidable Mom and Grandmother team and it is our privilege and pleasure to help her in any way we can.

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