Cleft palate surgery!!

Cleft palate surgery!!

This beautiful 18 month old little girl residing in Johannesburg, was born with a Sub mucous cleft palate extending into the front of the palate and a split Uvula (Hole in the roof of the mouth and with a split uvula)

The ideal age for this type surgery is when the baby is 6 to 12 months old, but unfortunately the parents was send from Hospital to Hospital without any results or surgery, and the parents contacted us for help.

Dr Madzhia, a well-known plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Nelspruit performed the palatoplasty on her, and we are very grateful for Dr Madzhia’s willingness to assist us with this little girl. Her surgery took just over 3 hours.

This surgery will greatly improve her quality of life, making it possible for her to speak normally and feed without problems.

This little girl have a chance to live her live to the fullest, without stigma or barriers.

Thank you Dr Madzhia we appreciate you.


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