Did you know….?

Did you know…?

Did you know that Pediatric care Africa has delivered and distributed no less than 36 tons of food so far in 2019 with another 6 tons to be delivered over December. A total of 42 tons of food in 2019 for people that had no food otherwise?

Did you know that we help to feed 350 children every single month?

Did you know that the total kilometres travelled to bring medical and food assistance to people in need so far this year, is +18000 km and we are only in November…..?

Did you know that Pediatric care Africa are now  approached by an average of 8 persons per week, that requires medical treatment by a Doctor and is taken to a Doctor or specialist weekly by Pediatric care Africa, and that we expect that number to triple in the next year……?

Did you know that we conducted and or organized 20 surgeries this year so far?

Thank you to each and every donor who made all of this possible, you are the true heroes….!

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