Ride for a child charity ride!!

Ride for a child – 5600km!!

It is official that our Dr Andre Hattingh will ride his road king Harley Davidson all around South Africa, for an approximate distance of 5600km visiting the most Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western points accessible by road bike during this epic trip.

The purpose of this mega “ride for a child” charity ride, is to generate funds for our 1000 surgeries for 1000 children Campaign and to raise awareness of the plight of children that requires surgeries, and simply can’t get help.

Dr Andre accompanied by a support vehicle will depart from Mugg & Bean at White river Crossings on the 15th February 2020 at 09h00 and will arrive back at Mugg & Bean on Thursday the 5th March. Give or take a day or two…

Dr Andre will ride the entire route and distance of 5600 km + and we invite guest riders and motor bike clubs across South Africa to join him anywhere on our route around South Africa.

Dr Andre is a Dad of three and a Grandfather of four and is challenging all (grand)parents to ride along for a section of the route as sponsored riders, whereby they are sponsored for R1-00 per km by a friend, a Company or themselves to benefit this charity ride. Example: Guest rider travel with Dr Andre from Ermelo to Nelspruit 210km and back home 210km the guest rider will then be sponsored for 420km =R420-00. Ride for a child all bikers of South Africa!

We are making an appeal to Companies and private persons to sponsor Dr Andre and/or guest riders for R1-00 per Kilometre they complete, and sponsor documents for Companies and guest riders will be available on our website soon.

R1-00 per kilometre will no doubt assist us at Pediatric care Africa to arrange surgeries for poor children.

Every motor bike rider and Motor bike club in South Africa is invited to join us by being a guest rider for any part of the route we are going to follow or by being a sponsored guest rider that is also sponsored for R1-00 per Kilometre they travel with our Dr Andre. This is to raise funds for children that requires surgeries ranging from Grommets in their ears to heart valve replacement and anything in between.

We as bike riders of South Africa can save countless lives of children that cannot receive surgery or medical treatment, simply because they are too poor..!

Please support our Doctor riding for children, that cannot fend or stand up for themselves and join hands with us.

We always ride for fun and pleasure, now let us ride to save a life.

Ride for a child and be a hero!

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