Extreme heat and 3.6 tons of food to 150 families!

Extreme heat and 3.6 tons of food to 150 families!

We had a very early start on Tuesday 12th January as we had to deliver 3.6tons of food to Brondal, Msholozi and Katoen as our first major food delivery of 2021 to persons with food insecurity.

The words “Food insecurity” sounds so benign, but very often means hungry people and people that have little or no other food than the food parcels we manage to deliver to them. December was tough on many persons as many children didn’t get food at school during this time, and with many parents unable to find a job or any source of income.

Feeding our children is critically important as children will not develop well or thrive if they do not receive enough food and it is really as simple as that. Every human have the right to food and children especially so!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) we were able to feed hundreds of family’s in our communities, as without them that would not have been possible.

Today a total of 150 families received food parcels of 28kg per family consisting of a dry food parcel containing rice, tins of food, sugar etc and a bag of 12.5kg maize meal and finally a bag of vegetables and a dozen eggs each.

The requests and demand for food and medical assistance is growing fast as more and more people simply can’t make ends meet anymore.

We at Pediatric care Africa is grateful that we are able to assist our communities in distress and need during this tough times.

Stay safe, wear your mask and take care of each other.


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