Magalela 100 families!

Magalela 100 families!!

100 families residing in Magalela informal settlement received their IDC (Industrial Development Corporation) sponsored food parcels today consisting of 24kg of food and eggs. Their vegetables was received separate.

We have reached the end of our IDC food parcel distribution today and thanks to the very generous grant from IDC a total of 500 large food parcels, 250 parcels containing coffee, sanitary pads, toothpaste etc, 500 bags of 12.5 kg maize meal, +3800 kg vegetables, 500 dozen eggs and 500 loafs of bread was distributed since December to Brondal, Magalela, Kabokweni and Katoen with a combined weight of +- 14.3 tons.

That translate to about 40800 (Forty thousand eight hundred) adult meals at 350gr each!

A total of 250 families received 2 deliveries of food each in December and January.

IDC, on behalf of the 250 families that benefitted from your generosity over this period, we thank you very much.

Thank you for choosing and entrusting Pediatric care Africa with this awesome gift to our community.


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