Farm of KMIA donate vegetables

The farm of Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport in Nelspruit donated fresh vegetables to Katoen who very kindly shared with us at Pediatric care Africa.

We received a very generous and welcome vegetable donation from the KMIA farm at the Nelspruit airport. Trying to feed as many children and their parents as possible is an impossible task without kind and very welcome donations such as these.

We picked the vegetables ourselves and it was delivered to their destinations within hours, so fresher than that you simply can not get or else it is still growing….!!! I look very “busy” in the photos, but only picked a handful of salads as the real hard work was done by Willemien of Katoen and her hardworking crew… Thank you Willemien!!

Thank you folks, we appreciate your help and many persons have food on their tables tonight thanks to your awesome donation…


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