Little “Louise”

On the 14th September a little girl in Maputo was born with Spina Bifida Aperta (Myelomeningocele) and Hydrocephalus and was abandoned in a market.

She was discovered by a shop owner who took her to Hospital.

Pediatric care Africa was contacted for assistance with the baby, and we have agreed to arrange surgery and medical treatment for her. We named the little girl “Louise” after Louise Botes from Emnotweni Casino who arranged accommodation for our surgeon in Maputo.

Dr Andre Hattingh, the founder of Pediatric care Africa, will be traveling to Maputo on hopefully the 6th October to assist with the surgery’s on little Louise. Usually these types of surgeries are done within 24 hours of birth, but in this case we had to apply for Medical council permission and registration in Maputo first, to allow our Dr Andre to conduct and assist with the surgeries.

“Louise” will undergo two surgeries, one on her spine and the other to drain the fluid from her brain. She will require an endoscopic third ventriculostomy to drain the fluid from her brain. The endoscopic third ventriculostomy is tentative and Dr Andre may decide to rather do a shunt after physically examining her and studying her MRI scans.

We wish to thank Tsogo Sun and in particular Emnotweni Sun for arranging and sponsoring the Hotel accommodation in Maputo.

We will report on little Louise periodically.


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