Rabies scare

A very busy Monday here at Pediatric care Africa with many children requiring to see Doctors today.

Mid-morning we received a call for assistance for a mother and young boy that have been scratched by a cat with suspected rabies, and we were informed by the Veterinarian that the clinical symptoms indicate possible rabies.

As a precaution and armed with a prescription from Dr Reyneke, we took the child and mother from Katoen to nurse Anita from the Lowveld pharmacy in White river, where they received their first injections against rabies whilst the Veterinarians are awaiting the results from Onderstepoort in Pretoria.

The young boy was very brave and took his jab with a smile and a brave face and was rewarded with a soft drink and chocolates for his bravery.

Always a pleasure to assist our friends from Katoen.


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