Father Christmas and 112 tons of food!

Father Christmas and 112 tons of food!

Father Christmas was very busy handing out presents to all the boys and girls at Soli deo Gloria care centre in Lydenburg today.

The kids were very excited to see father Christmas appearing in their dining room without them knowing, and every child received two presents and a beautiful story book each, as they were all very well behaved throughout the year and deserving of something special.

The excitement in their eyes was awesome to see and made our day and even father Christmas didn’t mind wearing his very hot Lapland or is it Northpole suit in the middle of summer….😉

Making sure everyone is well fed over the festive season we delivered just a dash over 2 tons of foodstuff to Soli deo Gloria including a few hundred kilograms of fresh chicken from Alwyn Viljoen of Matumani Chicken and lots of clothing donated by Steelwings Lowveld MC, who also went with to help with the hard labour and assisting Father Christmas.

So many people made this very special time of the year possible and a special thanks must go to GB2C and Food Forward.

GIVING BACK 2 our COMMUNITY (GB2C) was started by Crossing Shopping Centre Nelspruit during the centre’s 16th Birthday in October last year. Several local businesses form part of GB2C including BUCO Hardware.Buildware, Nelspruit, Caltex/Omar Family, Mica Nelspruit, Crossing SuperSpar Nelspruit and the Visagie Groep amongst others.

GB2C your support is invaluable to us and we wish to thank you once again, for your very needed and continued support as thanks to you, every person living in Katoen and the many local persons in food distress have enough food during the festive season.

All the kind persons that filled sweetie packs for children at Crossing SuperSpar in Nelspruit on the 20th November, we are happy to report that every single sweetie pack has been handed to its rightful child owner. Thank you very much once again, and we hope to see you again next Christmas in front of Spar.

A total of 187 presents was handed out to children, all thanks to your kindness.

Our final tally of food delivered during lockdown to persons that had either no food or too little to live off, is an astonishing amount of 112 tons or 112000 kg of food which translates to 320 000 full adult meals!!

Merry Christmas to all off you and we at Pediatric Care Africa wishes you a very Merry Christmas and may you prosper in 2021.

Thank you for all you have done.





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