Food and Christmas gifts!

Food and Christmas gifts!

As we are closing on the 15th December for the festive season, we have a huge task to make sure that every single child on our food list receive an age appropriate and beautifully wrapped Christmas gift, and enough food to last until the 8th of January 2024.

Each mother received +35kg of food to ensure no child  go to sleep hungry on Christmas.

Food will still be distributed to Katoen, upper Msholozi and Magalela this week.

We received another very generous pre-cooked porridge donation from Crossing Centre Nelspruit in the form of 400 x 5kg bags of porridge!! Thank you so much.

We wish to thank Crossing Nelspruit Shopping Centre, the centre that is the #myheartbeat of Nelspruit, that continues to supports Pediatric Care Africa and the on-going nutritional and healthcare outreaches done by Dr Andre Hattingh, the Pediatric Care Africa Team and the many medical professionals and volunteers involved.

Just between you and I, we distributed about 27.5 tons of food packed in individual parcels to children in need for 2023…

To every single person that made our regular food drops possible, you are the unseen heroes in our struggle to prevent growth stunting and hunger. Thank you!

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