Mahindra Nelspruit – On Trac Tor for Charity 2023

Dr. Andre, the lead protagonist of this project embarked on a remarkable journey, traveling through five provinces in SA, covering an estimated distance of 2500 kilometres in just 14 days. The highlight of this project is that Dr Andre accomplished this incredible journey on a Mahindra tractor, with a Support trailer as part of the Paediatric Care Africa ‘On Trac-Tor’ campaign in 2023.

The goal of this campaign was to raise funds to support children in South Africa who require medical treatment, surgeries, toddler & infant essentials.

Since inception (2017 onwards), Dr Andre’s foundation has supplied free medical care to about 6797 people, 1327 children, who haven’t seen a private medical practitioner or specialist. About 116 children have received free surgeries, 409 000 kg food parcels, 6023 tins of baby formula & 7023 packets of baby porridge have been distributed so far.

Watch here:

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