Freezing temperatures!!

Freezing temperatures!

Hundreds of people especially the elderly and children is facing a bitter cold winter with no way to stay or sleep warm.

This winter is predicted to be very cold, especially on the Mpumalanga highveld areas, with many people living and sleeping without blankets…..

In partnership with Sizabantu Piping Systems in Nelspruit we urgently need to collect 1000 blankets before winter sets in fully and people start freezing and getting ill due to exposure to cold temperatures.

Please drop of a blanket to help those who have none!

Drop off points are at Sizabantu at 20 van Bergen street Nelspruit, Lowveld Vet in Palm street White River and White River Garden Pavilion nursery in White river.

If you can’t give 10 blankets, then just give 1…….

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