Flu Season and empty Tummies!

Flu season and empty tummies!!


It seems like the flu season is upon us, with us receiving many more calls from anxious Mothers asking for medical assistance for their children.


Mondays are especially hectic as we not only need to get sick children to Doctors, but it is also the scheduled day that babies and toddlers in the Nelspruit area receive their baby food, so I guess I better get to it, as sitting in my office is not going to get it done…..


We wish to thank Crossing Nelspruit, the centre that is the #myheartbeat of Nelspruit, that continues to supports Pediatric Care Africa and the on-going medical and healthcare outreaches done by Dr Andre Hattingh, the Pediatric Care Africa Team and the many medical professionals and volunteers involved.

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to bring up a child” and Crossing Centre’s commitment to the Lowveld community – and Pediatric Care Africa – is testament to this.

Thank you Crossing Centre Nelspruit on behalf of all the little ones you help to feed and keep health.

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