Full steam ahead!

Full steam ahead!

Many parents simply don’t have money anymore to buy food for their children, and we are happy to help with baby food and nappies if we can.

We reopened on the 4th January and got busy immediately supplying baby food to parents in need and arranging Doctors’ visits to children.

2021 is predicted and expected to be a very busy year for us and our first major food distribution for 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday the 12th and Thursday the 14th January where 200 food parcels and 200 bags of maize meal will be delivered to persons in need.

A smaller delivery of 50 food parcels to be delivered on Friday 15th January. This means a total of 250 large food parcels and 250 bags of 12.5kg maizemeal to be delivered by us over those three days.

6.25 tons of food in 3 days to be delivered to people just like you and I, with the only difference being that they have no food.

“If you can’t feed a 100 children, then feed just one”.


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