Full throttle ahead!! Day 2-8 Ride for a Child charity motorbike ride!

Full throttle ahead!!!! Day 2-8

We have completed +3000km of our 7000km Ride for a Child 2024 charity motorbike ride around South Africa and have reached 2 of our major way points of which the first was the Beitbridge border to Zimbabwe (the most northern point) and Alexander Bay where the Orange river runs into the Atlantic Ocean between South Africa and Namibia (the most western point).

Two waypoints down and two to go!

Along the way we meet amazing people and fellow bikers that join us on the road, welcome us in their towns and support our cause.

On our stop in Thabazimbi Marthie from Medhof Apteek/Pharmacy treated us with some refreshments and we visited a sick boy in hospital together with members of 1313 Mac’s Familia Limpopo. He could not ride on one of our motorbikes to earn his badge, but his Grandmother rode with me on his behalf and he earned his “Ride for a Child” badge👊.

Woolworths Kalahari Mall in Upington thank you for the fantastic morning you organised for the team and a big shout out to tannie Eveline Van Wyk from Upington who again this year treated the whole team with her delicious dishes; her oxtail potjie is divine.

Wild Bulls MCC Upington always a privilege to ride with you and Carol thank you for the awesome evening you organised.

On Friday 16th February during our stay over in Upington, we visited Jogebed baby house and after that the Jogebed Care Centre Upington together with Woolworths Kalahari Mall at the Kalahari Mall.

Woolworths gifted all the children with clothing and treats. Furthermore all able bodied children that is taller than knee high, was taken on a motorbike ride and they all earned their “Ride for a Child” badges.

Upington is definitely a highpoint and one of our favourite stay overs on our 7000km travel around South Africa.

Whilst we are on the road, back at the office it is very busy with children that are sick and need to see Doctors and Specialists and the organising of a major Orthopedic surgery for a 11yr old child.

Dozens of babies and toddlers requires and are receiving their baby formula and food-parcel. A special thank you to Van Heerden Pharmacy Westend Shopping Centre for the donation of baby nappies and shopping centre Crossing Nelspruit for donating the pre-cooked porridge.

Indeed full throttles ahead at Pediatric Care Africa at the moment.

If you can’t help a hundred children, then help just one…!


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