2616 Motorbikes rode as 1 for charity!!

2616 Motorbikes rode as 1 for charity!!!

Months of planning, negotiating and organizing came to fruition on Saturday the 24th February, when motorbike riders from all over the Country, Swaziland, Namibia, England and a few other Countries came together between Jeffreys Bay and Stormsriver to participate in our 5th Ride for a Child World Record Attempt 2024.

As part of our fundraising initiative to raise funds for children that require medical treatment and surgeries we requested all participating bikers to pay an entry fee of R100-00.

And participated they did and on a massive scale, and a total of 2616 motorcycles drove as one group in staggered formation for a distance of 50km ending at Mentors Country Estate in JBay!!

Seeing that many motorbikes riding in tandem was absolutely spectacular and any person that participated will remember it for years to come, as the bikes just kept coming and coming and poured into Mentors Country Estate where they all came together for a day filled with excitement, live entertainment, food stalls and a beertent.

The organizing of this huge event was nothing less than perfect, with everyone doing their best to ensure everything goes according to plan and safety is observed at all times.

As far as we can establish the record we needed to brake was 2000, and we did 2616 motorcycles.

We will submit our attempt to RecordSetters for scrutiny and verification if we indeed broke the record convincingly, that process will take a few weeks I imagine.

Unfortunately many of the Western Cape bikers arriving from the Cape town/George direction, was put of with the possible long delay at the Tsitsikamma toll gate near Stormsriver and had to cancel their participation.

After months of meetings, e mails and phone calls by the organizers down in JBay with the officials in charge of Tsitsi Kama Toll gate, they refused to hear or head our pleading and reasoning to please open 1 toll gate for an hour to let the participating bikers through unhindered, as an average biker needs 3 minutes to pay a tollgate as he need to stop, put his/ bike in neutral, lift his helmet, take of a glove, take out his R63,50, pay the tollbooth operator, then start the whole process in reverse before he/she can pull away.

Only 500 bikes will take hours to pay which making their participation very difficult if not impossible…..?

We do thank Sanral that allow the N2 road being closed for traffic for a few hours from the bottom of our hearts as well as the security vehicles and traffic police, you kept us all safe as 2616 bikes takes up a lot of space.

We salute all bikers and everyone else that made this World Record Attempt a legacy.

The children of South Africa thank you!!!

A big thank you to:

Skankane Transport

Total Signs

Freedom Motorcycles Mbombela

OnsRadio Vriende

Mandy Pieters

Smhart Security

Dean Gilbert

LC Event Services

Anchor Down Sports Bar & Entertainment

Kouga Municipality

Kouga Traffic Department

Kouga Tourism

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