Hit the ground running!!

We hit the ground running after successfully completing our 2500km tractor ride, as we took many children to see Doctors and specialists and with two children receiving surgery.

There are also a number of large surgeries that needs to be performed.

Examples of some of our pending surgeries: a little boy from Ermelo will have his adenoids removed end of August, a child with a severe club foot will receive surgery next week and a little girl with one leg shorter than the other, will receive her corrective surgery next week as well….

As there are no reduction in the number of unemployed persons with small children that require food assistance in our area, sustainable nutritional assistance is vital to them.

We received another very generous pre cooked porridge donation from Crossing Centre Nelspruit in the form of 500 x 5kg bags of porridge! How absolutely awesome is that!!

We wish to thank Crossing Nelspruit Centre the centre that is the #myheartbeat of Nelspruit, that continues to supports Pediatric Care Africa and the on-going nutritional and healthcare outreaches done by Dr Andre Hattingh, the Pediatric Care Africa Team and the many medical professionals and volunteers involved.

To all the persons, Doctors and Companies that make it possible for us to continuously assist our children in need, we salute you.

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