Mandela Day 2023

Mandela day.

We joined forces with the folks from Stewarts & Lloyds Nelspruit to hand out baby blankets and baby food to babies and toddlers in our local community as part of our Mandela day celebrations.

We expect cold weather again this week, so what is better than a nice warm baby blanket and a full tummy when the cold front hits again. As is our custom on Mandela day, we also assisted at Lowveld Vet where each owner of a dog that was brought in for free spaying and vaccinations received a blanket.

With the cold weather, comes more sick children than normal, which is keeping us on our toes and busy buzzing in an out of Docters offices and Pharmacies.

One of our little children is receiving a colonoscopy at the Kiaat Private Hospital on Friday and we are holding thumbs for good news for this very brave little boy.

Thank you very much to Kiaat Private Hospital, Dr Louw a well know Paediatrician and Dr Zaheer Adham a prominent Gastroenterologist for assisting our little boy, you are not only his heroes, but ours too.

Thank you!


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