Hunger and distress!!

Hunger and distress!!

One man told me today “I dream of food even when I am awake”.

Thanks to the generosity of SASKO, Mikon Farming, Aboo’s Fresh Produce and Elmadre Butchery we could help a large number of families in distress and a care centre in Hazyview with fresh bread, red meat & chicken, vegetables and non-perishable food to last for 14 days.

A little boy tore open the bread packet, and started eating a slice of bread the very second I put it down…. I couldn’t get it over my heart to take our compulsory photo for our records and just turned around and let him be.

I suspect there are many more little boys like that, and thanks to our sponsors, for tonight and for the next two weeks at least he has food to eat.

Today we clocked up many Kilometres from Barberton to Hazyview delivering food and dropping off medicines to everyday people who cannot buy food for themselves anymore.

“If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one….”!

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