If a child can’t come to the food, the food will go to them!

If a child can’t come to the food, the food will go to them…!!

Fully loaded and carrying over 3 tons of non-perishable and perishable foods neatly packaged, we set of to deliver food to children that would normally have received food from the Penreach nutritional programme at their creches and schools, but due to the lockdown they cannot receive the meals they normally would have.s

With Daniel Mdluli of Penreach leading us through the backroads of informal settlements we delivered parcels of food to Moms eagerly awaiting our arrival. At a locked up creche somewhere in I think Mataffin, children and Moms were waiting patiently in 31degrees heat for their food, which they now have to carry home some with a baby on the back and a toddler in hand.

Today we travel to Malelane to deliver food to toddlers and their Moms who I suspect rely fully on this food parcel to keep them going, as most parents are not earning any money during the lockdown.

On behalf of all the kids and their parents who tonight have food to eat, we wish to thank Penreach for making available these fantastic balanced meal packs. Simple maths say that 400 food parcels delivered to 400 families will feed 2400 people! How awesome is that!!

Day 13 today, please stay positive and very importantly stay healthy!

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