Joining hands makes you stronger!

Joining hands makes you stronger!

In mutual cooperation Pediatric care Africa and Penreach took hands during the Covid-19 endemic to fight hunger in our Community and ensure that children have food to eat.

Penreach have a programme whereby they provide food to children at schools, but due to the lockdown that is not possible as all schools are closed, the only way to ensure children receive food during this trying times is to distribute food in needy communities. Our philosophy is a simple one, if a child can’t come to the food, the food will go to the child.

Funded by Penreach we collected the first load of food from Golden Harvest Produce neatly packed in +12kg packs and the first 150 bags of 400 bags of food for this week was distributed to families in Msholozi and Magalela squatter camp today, as an practice exercise for all our volunteers.

Very important for all of volunteers involved in this wide spread food distribution exercise, is to practice and to understand how to safely hand out food in their respective communities, whilst taking extreme care to keep themselves and the persons they are attending to safe by wearing all appropriate PPE and by following a very stringent disinfectant protocol. Tomorrow we will return to Msholozi and then onwards to Mataffin to distribute more food parcels.

The area targeted for food relief is huge ranging from Jerusalem to Daantjie to Barberton to name but a few.

What an absolute pleasure to work with such a willing group of Penreach volunteers and of course Ronel Oosthuizen, Bronwyn Nortje and Daniel Mdluli.

We are proud to be your partner in this noble cause.

“Covidiot: Definition – A person that does not isolate during a pandemic.”

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