Toilet paper and war!

Toilet paper and war!

As promised on Friday 3 April we stopped by the Nelspruit Lockdown Shelter (set up by Mpumalanga Leadership Foundation (MLF) and Nelspruit Community Forum (NCF) to drop off Farm fresh veggies and cooldrinks for the folks living at this community centre during the lockdown.

For “safety” reasons TJ Mare got himself disinfected and “Groomed” in the process…..!

Stay safe guys and we fully support you and the great work you are doing trying to keep 90 persons “confined” fed and clothed. I saw a few “boisterous” persons for a lack of a better word and can imagine you are having your hands full….

Thank you Squeeza and Pick & Take fresh produce for making this delivery possible.

Our Grandfathers were called to war, all we are being asked is to practice social distance and to stop hoarding toilet paper.

Stay safe by staying indoors.

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