Jacaranda FM – Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund: Pediatric Care Africa

The Pediatric Care Africa NPO will receive R12,500 in AngelRands from the Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund.

BACKGROUND: Kagiso Media, owners of Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio, have put together the KM Hunger Relief Fund to assist communities in need during the drawn-out Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa. The most basic need remains food. Over the next two weeks, Jacaranda FM will give a platform to four organisations per day, who actively work within afflicted communities to feed the thousands of families who currently cannot earn a living. We want to know who these community Angels are and how our listener community can assist them. Jacaranda FM will also equally distribute R500,000 from the Kagiso Media Hunger Relief Fund to these organisations in the form of AngelRands.

Pediatric Care Africa NPO: R12,500 in AngelRands from the KM Hunger Relief Fund. We will also publish their info and banking detail on our website, so people who want to support their efforts can do so directly.

Pediatric Care Africa is a registered NPO in Nelspruit/Mbombela. Since lockdown began, they have delivered 14.2 tons of food in Mpumalanga to people without any food – that translates to 40,000 meals. They foresee that for the next 30 days they will need to supply 35,000 more meals and the demand escalates daily, just to keep people that they help from starving! As a medical NGO, they never envisioned or prepared for the unbelievable demand for food by genuinely hungry people that they are currently dealing with. They are in dire need of funding for medicine, medical care, and lifesaving surgeries for children. Due to Covid-19, they have increased demands for food and basic amenities, and can’t keep up. Please consider Pediatric Care Africa, as they support local communities, nationwide and in neighbouring African countries who need medical procedures who can’t afford it and don’t have any medical insurance, and ongoing medical care.

Facebook: Pediatric Care Africa

You can donate: Banking Details

Name:  Pediatric Care Africa

Bank:   Standard Bank

Account: 131953044

Branch:   053052

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