Little girl starting her Occupational Therapy

Little girl starting her Occupational Therapy

4 year old Delcio from the Brondal squatter camp suffers from Cerebral Palsy and was “discovered” during a medical outreach a while ago.

After we became aware of Delcio’s condition she was seen by Dr Smith a well known Paediatrician in Nelspruit and a dietitian to establish the best way forward for little Delcio.

As part of the road we are committed to walk with Delcio to ensure the best quality of life for her, she started with her first Occupational Therapy session today at Stepmed in Nelspruit.

Delcio was very happy and cooperative and I think she enjoyed the attention and new surroundings. The little girl adores the sound of music and smiled with happiness when she was played children’s songs on a toy that was used.

Carli her OT, was very gentle and patient with both Delcio and her Mom. Because Carli’s patience Delcio’s Mom was eager to learn how best to do Delcio’s exercises at home.

We are looking forward to our next visit to Carli at Stepmed.

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