Lockdown extension, broken down vehicle and theft!

Lockdown extension, broken down vehicle and theft!

Thursday 9 April 2020 proved to be anything but a usual day at the office….

Delivering food to toddlers at a number of Creches in Kabokweni in the rain, we were just about to turn into Kabokweni road from a small side road on route to Jerusalem, that a BMW stopped on the wrong side of the road next to the Penreach vehicle and as the Penreach vehicle entered the Kabokweni road, the BMW pushed in front of our Cruiser to prevent me from driving. I have seen this little trick before and by the book and on cue, a few persons jumped on our double axel trailer and start throwing of food.

They were stealing children’s food and I didn’t take kindly to it, I reversed as far as I could, then turned onto the pavement and drove past the BMW with one chap still on my trailer. I have seen people getting of trailers more elegantly than this thieving character…

We had a large number of food parcels to deliver in Jerusalem and surround, and was now rushing as I needed to pick up 700kg of vegetables from Origin farm still.

Late afternoon I managed to collect the veggies, and delivered it to the lockdown shelter Nelspruit (organized by the Mpumalanga Leadership Foundation (MLF) and Nelspruit Community Forum (NCF) where TJ Mare and his crew were not only feeding homeless persons during lock down, but also assist a number of orphanages and this vegs was to be shared amongst many persons.

Driving back to White River in the dusk my fan belts of my Cruiser broke resulting in overheating and my trip home come to an abrupt halt.

Between friends and the AA coming to my rescue and delivering my cruiser to JRP motor repairs cc in White River I finally got home, just in time to watch President Ramaphosa extending the lock down…

What a day..

Thank you Origin farms for the very welcome vegetables and Penreach for what you are doing to assist our little citizens during this tough times.

Stay safe folks and whatever you do, please stay healthy.

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