Medical Outreach Brondal 11 March 2023

Saturday morning 11 March and we arrived at the Brondal informal settlement in force, for our first medical outreach of the year at Brondal.
At first there was a hiccup as some “ self-proclaimed Politicians” wanted to use the church hall we have booked and arranged for our outreach, to have a community meeting about land claims and told me to leave and come back another day.
I didn’t enjoy being told to leave by a very self-important “gentleman” and his cadres, and stared him down until he saw things my way. I have a vague suspicion that I am not on their Christmas card list…..?
That settled, we prepared to receive a large number of children requiring medical attention and to see one of the volunteer Doctors, and for the very first time we had a team of Dentists from White River joining us. This formidable team of Dentists extracted over 30 teeth during this medical outreach, whilst the medical Doctors saw dozens of children and a man with a broken finger.
Each mother and child received bags of 5kg pre-cooked porridge, chips, cooldrinks and a freshly made hot dog which is always a crowd pleaser.
The Hot Dog Vienna’s was very kindly donated t us by Eskort Store Nelspruit and the 5kg bags of pre-cooked porridge was donated to us by Crossing Nelspruit.
Thanks only to all the volunteers, medical and non-medical, the medical outreach was a great success as without their support and the donations we receive, none of what we do would be possible.
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