Medical Outreach Katoen Care Centre April 2023

Medical outreach at Katoen Care Centre
On Saturday 15 April 2023 we conducted a medical outreach at Katoen Care Centre in White River, and thanks to all the medical and non-medical volunteers that joined us, it was a huge success!
Our medical Doctors Examined and treated 53 patients of which 2 patients was urgently referred and transported to Hospital with serious conditions, and a young boy was referred to see a ENT specialist for possible surgery.
Every child living at Katoen received his or her yearly flu injection before winter, as they live in close proximity to one another.
All patients under the age of 18 received all their medications totally free from us, as we have a mobile OTC medication pharmacy on site and prescription medications was collected from Mopani Pharmacy in White River and handed to the respective patients.
Dr Jacques Burger our volunteer dentist and his dental assistant Lizzy, was extremely busy and saw 36 patients resulting in 47 extractions, a mammoth and back breaking task. A number of the older patients have not seen a dentist in decades..
Every Patient and his parents received a freshly made Hot dog served by Millah Kolbe and her assistants, together with chips and a cooldrink and off course 5kg of pre-cooked porridge.
Without the dedicated people that give up their free time to assist us, no outreach can ever happen.
“Medicines cure diseases, but only doctors can cure patients.” Carl Jung
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